Final Exam

Click here.

Some tips:

* Due 5/8 11:59pm
* You need 70pt=70% (so if you are absolutely sure you answered 3 questions perfectly that is already enough = 75pt)
* You can take all the time you need (within the week).
* Your final grade will be posted on UIS within 3 days from your final. See the syllabus for the detailed grading criteria.
* Suggestion on how to complete the final exam form:
1. Take a look at the questions and decide which ones to answer
2. Work on the answers. Write them down in Word or equivalent for easy edit.
3. Copy-paste to the form.
You can enter the form multiple times but this way, you ensure easy editing. Please *don’t* email me your answers — use the form — but save them just on case.

* I will not send you separate email receipts upon the completion of the exam. If your exam is missing, or answer/s are missing, I will be in touch (e.g., in case your internet access failed and didn’t save a question).
* Note that I will be in Europe taking care of an urgent family matter and offline Tues-Wed when en route; online infrequently for the next week and in a different time zone. So I might not be able to respond to you immediately if you have any urgent questions.

Thank you and good luck!


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