Changes! MT Postponed!

Great news!

1) Your Mid Term has been postponed to 3/20. Because…
2) We have been invited (and we, specifically), on 3/13, to attend a panel on the future trends in communication and branding. This is important for us as global communicators. (See more info attached.)
3) We will discuss migration and poverty on 4/12.


On Monday 3/6 we discuss Heath and Nature.
Choose for your reading:
Snarr Chapter 6 & 15 -or-
Snarr Chapters 7 & 8
We also review the PSA instructions.

On Monday 3/13 we discuss Global Economy 5-6pm
Read: Snarr Chapters 9 & 10. PSAs doe by class time.
Then we go and join the panel discussion 6-8pm

On Monday 3/20 we complete the Mid Term (on Snarr 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,15)
We also start screening your PSAs and we will discuss the next phase of your Human Centered Design Project.


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