PSA Assignment (due 3/13)

Your second assignment in our road to envisioning a local project around your SDG is to think about how you would communicate about the challenge to your local audiences passionately, effectively, making them act (change their behaviour? donate? just care?); in a video format.

Your deliverable on 3/13 is a Public Service Announcement.

  • Think of your audience. They need to be LOCAL. But are they New Yorkers? Your peers? Parents? Animal lovers? Victims of domestic abuse here in NYC. Local decision-makers (NY gov’t)? UN professionals who need to see how a global goal is present in NYC? Etc.
  • Think of your topic. Although we are dealing with global you project will be local (city-wide or more specific). What is it, specifically?
  • Think about your style: Is it humorous? Do you want to make the audience cry? Do you want to schock? How will you make viewers believe you and be on your side?
  • Think about the effectiveness of your PSA
    • It gets the audience to pay attention.
    • The message is clear and easy to understand
    • The message is supported by facts about the issue.
    • The audience is able to sympathize with those affected by the issue.
  • Use Adobe Spark to create your video. You will need to sign up but it’s free and you can delete your account after this assignment. Those familiar with making videos: Sure, this is a formulaic platform, but…
    • It allows anyone to create a short video with some nice features, without editing experience; and thus
    • Exemplifies a tool that an under-resourced non-profit advocating for your SDG might use.
  • The video should be min. 30 seconds and max. 90 seconds long.
  • Email me the link to your video by class time 3/13. (Note that you can keep the video private so only those with a link can see it.)
  • TIP: I suggest you test the platform well in advance so you will not run any last minute tech problems.
  • TIP2: There are tons of resource sites and YouTube videos about creating a PSA.

Here is a very simple example.


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